West Newport Dredging

Posted: 02/07/2013 by goodie in news

Just off the lifeguard tower at 61St, 4000 feet of one foot diameter pipe, will be towed out to sea some time next week. Currently the pipe is being assembled on the sand, stretching from the River to 56st. The pipe will carry seawater, sand, silt, ect from dredging that is happening just across the other side of PCH. (56st = Snapper Rocks)?

  1. Pete says:

    Find out when. I want to see that thing get dragged out.

  2. Goodie says:

    UPDATE 2/8/13: According to the workers, they are aiming for Thursday, but things could change. Also, the 6 buoys that have been in the water for the last week, are associated with this project.

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