The Encroachment Zone

Posted: 05/11/2012 by goodie in HQ, news

A recent LA Times article highlights letters sent by the Coastal Commission to Newport Beach residents who have permanent objects or plants/lawns in the “Encroachment Zone.” This “Zone” can be described as the sand area directly in front of our patio at HQ or the fenced off area next door. (I believe the next door fencing has been there for awhile and hence is grandfathered in….not 100% sure.) The rules of this “Zone” have changed a lot over the years and those who are supposed to enforce said rules are having trouble enforcing them. The “Zone” is technically a public shared space but I have also heard that the City will rent you the space in front of your home for an annual amount.(again, not 100%sure) The majority of the problem is down the peninsula and not so much concentrated in West Newport. We have not received any recent letters but back several years ago we did receive a verbal warning to remove the old fire pit that was in the sand out in front of the house. Read the article for more info on the current mailings…. I’m heading to Home Depot to get some sod!

  1. Jed says:

    Is the slip’n slide going to make a comeback?

  2. dark says:

    slip n slide sounds like a great idea.

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