Reported shark encounter with a surfer near Santa Ana River Jetties. Beach was still closed as of this morning with lifeguards making announcements over their loudspeakers. Also strange to note that all lifeguard towers were displaying the red flag after news of a shark in the water. The TV helicopters were above for a few hours as well. Over the past weekend I had a friend tell me he had seen a large fin out in front of HQ.


Tuna Crabs

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Currently a red line of dead tuna crabs stretches along 56st shoreline. Kinda stinky…

Tuna Crabs

Pay by Phone Parking Meter

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Yes it’s true…pay your meter using your mobile device. Parking meters in Newport have been outfitted with identification numbers and instructions on how to use the mobile pay ap. Some initial sign up information is required to use this system. Download the application called ParkMobile or visit  for more info.

patio blasted

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from january 2010…

NBPD 4th of July Rules

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The triple fine enhancement zone will be in force! See all the rules HERE. Follow them!