Thank You Sand Pipe

Posted: 03/30/2017 by goodie in pics, surf

A week ago, before sunset, waves pumped at 56st. The day had been fairly windy with big wind swell in the water. Just as the sun set for the horizon, the wind died and the waves went nuts for about 30 minutes. All the sand from the dredge pipe had helped to create A-Frame barrels from 54st to the River Jetties.

Sand Dredging Newport Beach

Posted: 03/10/2017 by goodie in news

The sand dredging of the Santa Ana River has been underway since September 2016 and is scheduled to run another month and half or so. In the last several days the project coordinators installed a sand pipe that reaches out onto the 56st jetty and into the lineup. Only time will tell if 56st surf will benefit from this sand movement. Fun Fact- since 1991, it has cost 533 million dollars to keep the lower Santa Ana River free of sand! Click HERE for more info on the project.

56st Sand Pipe