Costa and Dad

Posted: 04/29/2015 by goodie in pics

Costa and her dad just lounging around this past weekend!

Costa and Dad

my little pony

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shot entirely with super8

Shell Art

Posted: 04/24/2015 by goodie in art, Shells

Lots of weddings this time of year…..this piece is going to one of those lucky couples!

shell art

Shell Art

Posted: 04/20/2015 by goodie in art, Shells

My new art piece…..a wedding gift for Don and Laurel!

shell art

PCH Road Work

Posted: 04/15/2015 by goodie in news

Ya…’s been a major traffic head ache over the last few months. The new sewer pipe construction along PCH in Newport has caused traffic snarl after traffic snarl as well as some car accidents. The good news….it’s supposedĀ  to stop sometime next week. The bad news….round two of the re-sewer pipe construction begins sometime after summer.

pch road work

goodie awakes

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The Beast

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On patrol….


Beach Spider

Posted: 04/06/2015 by goodie in HQ

It’s that time of year for those creepy and crawly’s to start infiltrating your home and yard again. This bad boy I located on the sand in front of the house…..I’m told it is a poisonous Funnel Spider; at least it was a poisonous Funnel Spider. RIP

beach spider

Sea Glass Art

Posted: 04/03/2015 by goodie in art

My first ever sea glass art piece. Composed of 100% sea glass that I collected….mostly from the beaches of Monterrey, California but some from Newport as well. The clear backing allows the sunlight to shine thru creating a stained glass look. It is hanging in a window of my bedroom and I have plans to make another…..just have to collect the sea glass first!

sea glass art

Wild Waves

Posted: 03/30/2015 by goodie in surf

We saw huge waves hit Newport over the weekend and this morning. The 56st lifeguard tower was manned and we watched as the lifeguard team preformed rescue after dangerous rescue. It was announced this afternoon that over 185 rescues were preformed this weekend….a record breaker.


Pisgah Lava Field

Posted: 03/23/2015 by goodie in hikes

Pisgah lava field is an amazing spot in the Mojave dessert. This is a huge area to explore with many lava tubes, caves and vents. We also drove to the top of the crater which offered up an amazing view and some interesting blue lava rock.


Wild Weather

Posted: 03/04/2015 by goodie in news, surf

As my luck would have it, I was not home for the hail and thunderstorms that occurred Monday morning. However, the entire weekend was filled with rain, strong winds, clouds, lightning and thunder. This is the amazing sunset from Sunday night.

sunday sunset


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Check out all the cargo ships that are waiting patiently to offload. Their numbers seem to be growing by the week….


50 – 50 Sunset

Posted: 02/23/2015 by goodie in Goodie

Friday night in Newport…… about half cloudy and half clear and it finally rained!

Newport Beach Sunset

Ben Carlson Foundation

Posted: 02/10/2015 by goodie in news

Today I sent the money that was donated at our Friendsgiving party. A memorial statue is in the works! If you didn’t get a chance to donate at the party please check out the donation website. Look for our donation listed under, 56st Mutants!