First Flush 2015

Posted: 01/13/2016 by goodie in news
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The Santa Ana River puked all over the shoreline of Newport Beach last week during the first true flush of the river this year. You name it and it was deposited on the beach last week….shoes, shopping carts, plastics, yard debris, needles, shipping pallets, tires, spray paint cans and just about anything else that can make it down a storm drain.

First Flush 2015

Here are two antique postcards, both with postmarks from 1905. The pier would have been called McFadden Wharf at that time. Back in the day, the railroad ran all the way to the end of the pier where ships would dock and unload their building materials and reload with southern Californian produce.

1905 Newport Beach Pier Newport Pier 1905

Shell Art

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All shells are from South Africa.

S. Africa

Mutant Thanksgiving 2015

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Yes, we are having a Mutant Thanksgiving party this year but no, I can not post this year’s poster on my site due to content; look for it up at HQ. We will be deep frying turkeys and having lots to drink. See you at 6:30 on this coming Wednesday the 25th. BYOB and a 5 dollar donation to charity.

Mutant Thanksgiving

Married the Movie

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Our marriage day movie. Shot and produced by Mr. Jack Coleman, all on Super 8 film. I’m so fortunate that he was able to capture this day and make such a great film.


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I got married to my beautiful bride Annika back on August 29th in the city of Cayucos. It was an amazing day spent with many friends and family.


Gus’s Sea Shell Cafe

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This building still stands today at the corner of Palm and Balboa Blvd and has significant interest to the IT Director! He used to live upstairs in this building. I just added this postcard to my collection and it was mailed in 1939 to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Gus's Sea Shell Cafe

Work Hard – Play Hard

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This is a great music video….sorry for the lack of post…been sooooo busy…be back soon!

Sand Castle

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Dog days of summer equal beach time fun and sand castle making. Of course I took it one step further and made a custom 30 gallon trash can mold to begin my sand castle. After one day the wind got to it and turned it into mother natures masterpiece.

castle 1 castle 2

Reported shark encounter with a surfer near Santa Ana River Jetties. Beach was still closed as of this morning with lifeguards making announcements over their loudspeakers. Also strange to note that all lifeguard towers were displaying the red flag after news of a shark in the water. The TV helicopters were above for a few hours as well. Over the past weekend I had a friend tell me he had seen a large fin out in front of HQ.


Beach Bot

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Coming to your beach soon! I predict that we are only witnessing the very begging of this type of technology. Imagine one day a beach bot that scurries across the sand picking up trash and other debris.

Pocket Hammocks

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I’m seeing pocket hammocks all over the place this summer but this setup is unique. These guys were camping out in the 56st lot this morning.

Parking lot camping

Costa gonna knock you out

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All for fun rough housing with Costa resulted in a head wound for Eli. I guess they connected heads just right and it popped an old stitches scar right open. Both Eli and Costa are fine and it was a freak accident!

Costa & Eli

Summer Sunset

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Summer sunsets over the Palos Verde Peninsula have been amazing with the clouds we have been having.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Below is a front cover of an envelope commemorating the 25th anniversary of Newport/Balboa Tournament of Lights on July 22nd, 1933.  What now is the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade originally took place in the peak weeks of summer. For more history on it you can click here.

Tournament of Lights