56st Live WebCam

Posted: 05/04/2011 by goodie in HQ

GoodieGoodieGoodie.com is proud to present our new webcam.

Thanks to the goodiegooodiegoodie.com IT department for setting this up.

Check it by clicking LIVE at the top of this page or click here!

61st Annual Huntington Beach Pier Swim

Posted: 04/28/2011 by goodie in HB

Are you tough enough? Do you have the ability to swim out and around the HB PIER? If so, join me and my friends Saturday June 11, 2011. Pre Register at HBsands.org

Best Male time 7 minutes 40 seconds

Best Female time 9 minutes 30 seconds

about 1/2 mile out and around

Purp and Yellow

Posted: 04/26/2011 by goodie in World Champion Lakers


awesome Laker rap featuring some of the players

Watch out Mammoth

Posted: 04/26/2011 by goodie in Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain is about to be gnarled up by Goodie.



Goody’s Cafe vs. Goodies Cafe

Posted: 04/21/2011 by goodie in HQ

I was in Palm Springs on Tuesday and saw this cafe. The original has been there for years but it seems like they have opened a few more around town because I kept seeing new ones. Anyway thats Goody’s cafe. The pic of the burger, tator tots and salad is from last nights party we had at HQ. mmmmm Goodies Cafe

Scary Job

Posted: 04/18/2011 by goodie in Uncategorized

I would not want this guy’s job. This church i going up near my work.


Posted: 04/16/2011 by goodie in Geocache

Tonight I found my 100th Geocache. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out    www.geocaching.com

on my ride to geocache "It is what it is"

Growlers Shred 56st

Posted: 04/16/2011 by goodie in HQ, The Growlers

In the late sunset of Thursday night the Growlers surfed 56st. They took to the beach together, in a running charge toward the jetty and tore up the surf. Lots of party waves in this session.

Snow in Newport…..what???

Posted: 04/11/2011 by goodie in HQ, pics

I awoke at 5:30am on Saturday morning to a load roar of what sounded like bb’s hitting my roof and windows. It was hailing; not any normal hail but a powerful down pour of hail. So much that within minutes the patio and sand outside was covered in pea sized ice.  It was a crazy and noisy sight to witness.  As the sun lifted up over 56st you could see the hail atop the sand……so much so that it appeared to be a slight dusting of snow.  Around 6:15 one of my buddies came by to surf and he said as he walked across the sand it crunched under his feet as if it where snow. (Good morning to forget your booties) There was hail on our patio until about 8am and stories flew all Saturday about it snowing in Newport.

Here are some pics to prove it.

Dusting of snow in Newport Beach

Cold Sand

Surf Contest, Poker Night, Relaxing

Posted: 04/08/2011 by goodie in pics

I am happy it is Friday. It is shapin up to be a busy weekend. Tommorow is the NHHS surf contest and we have a few friends of HQ’s participating in it…..come out and support them.   http://www.nhhssurf.com/

On Saturday night we are having a poker night and will be cooking something up to eat. Let me know if you want to come by! Please wish Dark Mark a happy B-Day even though he is out of town.

As for Sunday…..it’s gonna a be a relaxing day on the beach so come by.

last nights sky


Posted: 04/07/2011 by goodie in HQ

Crazy Jack Coleman had a photo shoot at HQ last night for Warriors of Raddness. That’s Levi from Gantez Warrior up atop my roof. Check out Jacks most recent spread in this months Bliss magazine…….definitely out there!

creepy jack

Shadow Play

Posted: 04/04/2011 by goodie in HQ, pics

I got inspiration when I saw the shadow of my bike cast across my patio. I used a piece of bbq charcoal to do this.

shadow riding the bike

Taken from my IPhone……..thanks Apple

Posted: 03/28/2011 by goodie in pics

blowin smoke.....Brookhurst and PCH

Google promoting Goodie?

Posted: 03/24/2011 by goodie in Goodie, Uncategorized

Googles home page today looks like it says Goodie….check it out.

Snow Capped

Posted: 03/23/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

I rode my bike up and down the board walk to check out the destruction caused by the blowing sand. In some spots on the board walk and adjacent streets there were 3 foot tall sand drifts and “school yards” had over a foot of sand spread across the grass and asphalt.

Anyhow…..on the drive to work this morning I saw the snow capped mountains calling my name. Here is a shot from this morning atop Mt. Wilson.