# Save Live Music in Irvine

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Well…..its been way to long since my last post here and for that I apologize. I just spent the last weekend enjoying back to back Dave Matthews Band concerts in Chula Vista and Irvine. As most know, 2016 marks the final season of shows at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. It is so unfortunate that Orange County is losing it’s largest outdoor music amphitheater in order for them to build some really shitty houses on the spot. The thought of this is  just mind boggling. When Dave opened the show on Saturday night he mentioned this fact and the entire crowd yelled with boo’s. Anyway, a few hashtags have surfaced for people to voice their thoughts. #SaveLiveMusicInIrvine #SaveIrvineMeadows #SaveLiveMusicInOC.  It’s just a shame that no plans are in the works for a new amphitheater….especially with all the land at the so called Great Park. It may be sometime before Orange County is once again blessed with a dedicated music ampitheater for all to enjoy. That being said, thank you to Irvine Meadows for all the memories that were created there and good bye.

DMB 2016 Last Show at Irvine Meadows

THE ZONE surf movie

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Jack Coleman’s newest project is set to premium July 14th in Australia. This looks like it is gonna be a good one…check out the trailer below! We may do a mini premier on our patio once Jack gets back into town….keep you posted.

Hot Days & Big Waves

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A nice south swell pumped the whole weekend with lots of fun rides to be had. Hard to belive that the 4th of July is upon us. Get ready Newport!



Memorial Day 2016

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Awesome Day!

Memorial Day 2016

Wooden Boat Show 2016

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Last Saturday we attended the 2016 wooden boat show at the Balboa Yacht Club. They had some amazing old hand crafted wood boats on display, including John Wayne’s old boat, The Wild Goose.



Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

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The 2016 Oakley sponsored event is taking place starting today at 56st. Also, this Saturday at the Balboa Yacht Club is the annual Wooden Boat Show.


Memorial Day Party 2016

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Come party with Costa and Izzy Dog……


Catalina Island Casino

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A few weekends ago we attended an amazing 1920’s themed wedding at the Catalina Island Casino. It was a very special day in an amazing and historical location! Congrats Heather and Chris!


Sand Marble Race

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This is entertaining, simple and fun!

Adios Trees

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The trees that surround the paid parking lot at 56st and Seashore Dr. are set to be cut down in the near future. The new development of 25 homes called Echo 56 is to blame. Somehow, they are only planning a few guest parking spots actually on the property of Echo 56 (I think less than 10). Once these are filled, all others will be forced to park on the streets surrounding the new homes. This includes the paid parking lot that many of these new homes tower over. So, the city is allowing the Echo 56 project to redevelop the paid parking lot which includes cutting down the surrounding trees. One thing to keep in mind, the old apartment building that once sat on this site had probably 100+ private parking spots…..We are in for a parking mess this summer!


Foam Rollers

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It was super windy over the weekend. Come Monday morning the wind swell was sweeping south from jetty to jetty and the beach was scattered with ocean foam.

foam rollers


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Yurting at Lake Cachuma! We spent Valentines weekend exploring.


Blue Jay Hand

This Blue Jay flew into our Yurt several times with no fear. It landed on the bunk bed and did a fighter pilot dive bomb into Costa’s dog food. As we were packing up the bird knew and came back to say good bye.

The Summer Days of February

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The heat wave this February has provided us with beach days, amazing sunsets and stunning sunrises. The image below is today’s sunrise over Newport Beach with just a hint of off-shore winds.

Newport Beach Sunrise

Golden Sunset

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lil al


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more on the way