Gay Thoughts

Posted: 05/11/2011 by goodie in Jack Coleman, The Growlers

The Growlers have written another hit titled,  “Gay Thoughts.” This catchy song tells a story of two confused lovers….anyway listen to the song. Jack Coleman put the film together and shot all the 8mm footage. Scenes were shot in Baja and a  L.A. Mexican Tranny Bar. Jack told me he was very happy with the video and I agree….it rocks.

Check out this craziness…


  1. Rather Not says:

    You don’t happen to have lyrics for this song, do you?
    I’ve listened to it so many times, but I just don’t understand the whole text.

    • goodie says:


      I try to stop all these
      gay thoughts and feelings
      I don’t know where they come from

      Oh all of these gay thoughts
      I’ve had trouble conceiving
      since I was fairly young

      I tell them I love you
      I don’t want to lose you
      but they don’t mind

      I hardly believe me
      I always deceive me
      time after time

      Part of it’s nature
      the other part seems darker
      Don’t know what to blame it on

      Try to control my behavior
      but this is so much harder
      When I’m far away from home

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