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Thanks to NewportSurfShots for making me aware of this. A  local  inventor has come up with something amazing. Imagine in a few years when these flying machines are hovering over your local break filming your every wave.  Future surf movies could be nuts! Check the you-tube video

watch the you-tube video to see what it does

Crazy Cat

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Teka cat went a little crazy over an empty Coors box.


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Good song…creepy music video.

See you Friday for movie night.

Come Hell or High Water

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Here is a new body surfing movie that came out recently. It features Mark Cunningham, one of the world’s best body surfers.  Here is the trailer and I am looking into purhasing the entire flick.

The Big Island of Hawaii

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Last week I was out of town enjoying vacation on the Big Island. We stayed in downtown Kona but pretty much toured around the entire island. We had an incredible time checking out beaches, waterfalls and other highlights of the island. I was lucky enough to snorkel with wild dolphins and Annika and I also got kicked out of the water because of a recent shark sighting. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Mahaiula Bay


Punaluu State Park

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Punaluu Black Sand Beach.....the girls wanna go sun bath like the turtle!


Resting Green Sea Turtle


I was documented in the black sand


Place of Refuge


Hapuna Bay


Hapuna Bay


Trying not to fall in

450 foot Akaka Falls


Friendly Fish


Strange Fish


Annika doing her thing


Sorkeling with wild dolphins....highlight of my trip!


They were frisky


At Kona Brew Company HQ.....Annika and her samplers


Is that a shark in the background???? At Mahaiula Bay

Yup....we went swimming with it

Baby Goat

But I don't wanna leave Kona!

Ever heard of Agunaga Ca?

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Went to Agunaga today with the chick. Agunaga is between Temecula and Palm Springs, in the mountains.

Saw her horse and had a ton of fun!


Transit on an adventure

If only you could see the rest of this property...........

At about 6:50 this evening the call went out from the bike path. People were ridin to the council meeting to support the re-zoning bill of the Frog House. (The “Save the Frog House” movement) I watched the meeting on TV and was happy to see that the Frog House was successful in their re-zoning bid. Just as the council was about to vote a young lady stood up to speak. This girl was hilarious, somewhat crazy and talked way to long. The audience at one point told her she was done, but she kept going. She finally stopped rambling when TK took the mic from her.

To funny…..

I second the Mayor, “Long live Frog House”

Scary Job

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I would not want this guy’s job. This church i going up near my work.

Google promoting Goodie?

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Googles home page today looks like it says Goodie….check it out.

I think more rain is a comin……..

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Nice sunset tonight. My plan for tomorrows Mount Waterman powder day got scuttled this afternoon due to the road being closed:(

Shovel Sand

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Gonna be shoveling sand this afternoon. Storm raged last night and left our next door neighbor with sand drifts across his yard and about 6 inches of fresh sand powder at his front door.

late afternoon during the storm

the next morning

just a few feet of fresh pow pow sand

left sand blown across the street

thats alot of sand moving around


Winning and Tsunami

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Thanks to all those who were worried about me last night and this morning.  As you know we had the Tsunami warning from the Japan earthquake but all is fine and there was no damage to my shack.  Surfline had some good pictures up of local beach water changes.

On another note….I went for a bike ride last night and saw Frog House’s sign. Apparently they are winning and the Volcom RV was there to witness it. lol


Mt. Waterman Trip

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If  you have never heard of Mt. Waterman, then you are in good company because it is one of Southern California’s least know ski and snow board areas. It sits just an hour’s drive above Los Angele’s and is in fact Southen California’s oldest ski resort. (Wait, don’t call it a resort…there is not much there but powder from the heavens, 3 oldschool wood chairlifts, warming hut and a small ticket booth) This will be my 3rd season up here and I absolutely adore it.  If all works out with the weather this weekend I will be heading up there on Sunday morning. Let me know if you want to check it out.

Checks Mount Waterman’s website

Main lift up the face.

Lots of trees and out of bounds skiing.