The below article was published in 1980 by Surfer Magazine. The article describes the beach between 54st and 56st lifeguard towers in Newport Beach as The Hottest 100 Yards in the surfing. It holds true to that name today. Enjoy

Thank You Sand Pipe

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A week ago, before sunset, waves pumped at 56st. The day had been fairly windy with big wind swell in the water. Just as the sun set for the horizon, the wind died and the waves went nuts for about 30 minutes. All the sand from the dredge pipe had helped to create A-Frame barrels from 54st to the River Jetties.

Photo Dump

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Well….been awhile. A few photos of what has been going on.


my sea glass and coral art


camped at Malibu Creek State Park


Mutant Thanksgiving – deep fried two turkeys and two hams


deep fried turkey hearts anyone?


Aloe is blooming

Is this it?

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Was this the last scorching weekend of 2016? Is fall upon us? Only time will tell.

This is Sunday’s sunset….a true gem. Last week we saw two green flashes on consecutive sunsets.



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I’m not a speed bump! Fun corner….thanks Jack for capturing this.


Hot Days & Big Waves

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A nice south swell pumped the whole weekend with lots of fun rides to be had. Hard to belive that the 4th of July is upon us. Get ready Newport!



Memorial Day 2016

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Awesome Day!

Memorial Day 2016

Foam Rollers

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It was super windy over the weekend. Come Monday morning the wind swell was sweeping south from jetty to jetty and the beach was scattered with ocean foam.

foam rollers

The Summer Days of February

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The heat wave this February has provided us with beach days, amazing sunsets and stunning sunrises. The image below is today’s sunrise over Newport Beach with just a hint of off-shore winds.

Newport Beach Sunrise


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more on the way


Summer Sunset

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Summer sunsets over the Palos Verde Peninsula have been amazing with the clouds we have been having.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

The Wedge 5/4/15

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I was at the Wedge early this morning to check out the extra large surf. News crews were doing their live broadcasts, the beach was lined with spectators and drones hoovered in the sky. Inside of the harbor was pumping as well.

wedge 1 wedge 2 wedge 3 wedge 4 wedge 6

Costa and Dad

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Costa and her dad just lounging around this past weekend!

Costa and Dad

Happy Labor Day…..we had playful swell this weekend as the huge south subsided. The entire beach has suffered major sand erosion. The beach is steep and out beyond the jetty it is far deeper than usual. Thanks to all those who came to HQ yesterday to celebrate Labor Day and thanks to Mark for taking the pictures below on Wednesday August 27th, 2014.

Let me admit it……I blew it! I was out of town on business this past Tuesday and Wednesday. So yes, I was kicking myself when all hell broke loose on Wednesday morning and I was 400 miles away watching it on webcams. I received some texts early Wednesday morning as waves pounded against the 56st lifeguard tower almost knocking it over and into the surf. The high tide mark almost came to the volleyball court. The tractor arrived about 20 minutes later and dragged the tower up the beach to safety. All breaks in Newport were firing and the lifeguard boats bobbed around at sea looking like toy’s amidst that giant waves. Some surfers braved the hurricane swell but there were many more beach observers than people actually in the water. In front of HQ we have suffered a lot of sand erosion due to the heavy swell. It’s gonna take a few weeks for some of that sand to get pushed back up on the beach…..if it ever comes back at all.

Ronny Nelson 8/24/14 behind the 56st Jetty in Newport Beach

Ronny Nelson 8/24/14 at 56st in Newport Beach

Surfline Image from drone Newport Beach 8/24/14 swell lines miles out

We lost a lot of sand during this swell

Tower getting dragged to safety, note the high tide water mark

Note the drone filming this lucky guy catching a good one at 56st