50 – 50 Sunset

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Friday night in Newport…… about half cloudy and half clear and it finally rained!

Newport Beach Sunset

Engaged 2

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Another video of my wedding proposal.


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A great video about the qualities of Bakersfield!

Arcade Fire at the Forum

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A few weekends ago I attended Arcade Fire’s Saturday night concert at the Forum. It was a magical night and we even got upgraded to floor seats! During one of the last songs, “Here Comes the Night” confetti filled the air and the entire crowd began to dance.


Below is a new addition to my Newport Beach collection. It’s a 16mm film of a family’s 1962 Newport Beach vacation.

Lake Dolores Water Park

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The abandoned Lake Dolores Water Park and a great skater.

It’s a Sign

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E Cig

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A funny rant from the OC Weekly.

Mastro’s Parking

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Mastro’s Ocean Club parking……..

The Wedge in 1963

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Vintage photographs I recently purchased depicting 1963 Wedge. The writing on the back of one of them reads, “The wave coming in near the jetty is powerful, only strong swimmers come here, never girls or children.”

Mutant Thanksgiving 2013 Pictures

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mmm deep fried turkey! Thanks Pete for cooking, Evan for the photo booth, everyone else that helped, cooked and donated to The Bridge School. Pictures from the photo booth can be viewed HERE using the password Mutant

Journey Part 1

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A time-lapse video that is fairly stunning.

Journey Part 1 from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.

iPhone Camera Trickery

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Just having a little fun with the iPhone panoramic function….tricky tricky

Boobs on the Beach

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Ya those are definitely fake! 64th street Newport Beach