Pirate Party Treasure Hunt

Posted: 05/26/2013 by admin in HQ
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Start at the corner of the fence on the beach.

#1. The Redezvous Ballroom burned down in 19__.
Subtract thirty from that number and walk that many paces towards the trash can.

#2. The Crab Cooker opened its doors August 15th, 19__.
Subtract twenty-five from that number and walk that many paces towards the 56 tower.

#3. The Dory Fleet was founded in 18__.
Subtract forty-five from that number and walk that many paces towards the red umbrella.

#4. Add the paces from clues #1 & #2.
Then subtract the paces from clue #3.
Walk that many paces towards the volleyball court pole closest to you…

X Marks the Spot

this treasure hunt is only available for a limited time.
headquarters is a dangerous environment and therefore by attending any events at headquarters you, the mutant or visitor, assume the risk of any injury incurred on the property, including severed digits, drunk dancing ankle breaking, severe burns, and other injuries not specifically mentioned up to and including death. goodiegoodiegoodie will not be held liable for any bad times you have, but goodiegoodiegoodie will take credit for any fun you have. all ideas created while on the premises are the property of goodiegoodiegoodie and these property rights will be defended to the hilt.

Mutant Thanksgiving Light Petition

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Please write Goodie a message in the comment section below to tell him that we need lights for Mutant Thanksgiving.

Food tastes better when you can actually see it!

July 4th, 2012 the movie

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The GoodieGoodieGoodie.com IT department just added current weather to the site via a SurfLine feed.