1940’s Balboa Peninsula

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Came across this video posted on YouTube. By far the best quality early Balboa movie I have viewed.

Shell Art

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Sand Dollar Shell Art from Cayucos Ca.

Shell Art

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Shell Art – shells and rocks from Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Cuttyhunk Island

Shell Art

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Here is my most recent shell art piece. Contains shells, rocks, dolphin vertebrae from Mexico and sand from Newport Beach.

Shell Art

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I haven’t posted here in since 2018, too long ago. I continue to make shell art. Here are two of my most recent creations.

Shells from Mexico
Shells and Rocks from Two Harbors, Catalina Island

It has been way too long since I posted here.

A few weeks ago, I witnessed an intense rescue off the 56st jetty in Newport. It was a combination rescue effort of NB lifeguards, NB medics and a few local surfers. The slow rescue happened in large surf washing over the jetty. A body surfer had washed up on the jetty and suffered a neck injury. Everyone did a great job to clear the injured guy off the jetty!

56st Rainbow

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Thursday morning offered up the launch of the Falcon rocket which was not visable from HQ but about 20 minutes later this beautiful sunrise rainbow appeared. It was a full rainbow and it ended just out in front of HQ…..no pot of gold found.

Balboa Peninsula, Pier and Island 1950

Early Balboa Bay Club/Resort

Here is my latest shell art piece. This is a unique piece for me because all these shells were collected this past summer at the Parker River sand bar. I did several epoxy pours on this piece and during one of the pours several black flies flew into it and got stuck. I ended up leaving them in the piece for extra character 🙂

Here are a few postcards I have collected over the last few months. Sorry for the lack of post here….it seems like life and work are running a mile a minute…..

Mariner’s Mile

Lido Island

Happening this weekend…

Catalina Lightning

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A lightning storm raged over Catalina Island on Sunday night. No rain in Newport, but what a light show, that lasted a few hours starting just after sunset.

Vintage Mount Waterman

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With the Labor Day holiday in our rear view mirror we now start looking forward to the fall and winter seasons. I heard someone ask for colder weather this weekend…including snowflakes and Hot Toddys. Check out this picture I acquired of Mount Waterman from the early 1950’s. Lots of snow this season….hopefully we see the same this upcoming season. Fingers crossed.

Bay Arcade Signs

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After nearly 70 years at the “Fun Zone” Bay Arcade will close it’s doors this Sunday the 20th for the last time. Bay Arcade has been a fixture in the area treating many to fun times playing video games and ski ball. I went there last night to turn in my tickets….nearly 4k worth and play a few last games of ski ball. Most of the games have sold signs on them but there is a hand written note at the front counter that says the Bay Arcade signs are not for sale. I have heard that the signs were sold with the building and the new owner may convert them to display their business name. I sure hope that this does not happen. These signs (one on both sides of the building) are relics of the past and deserve to be preserved, housed in a museum or maintained in their original condition. I took a post card from my collection to the arcade last night to snap the below picture. If you look closely at the postcard, you can see the same exact sign, in the same exact spot, in the early 1950’s. Sad to see you go Bay Arcade…the “Fun Zone” just got a little less fun.

Veruca Salt

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@ArcadeFire – Don’t mess with Veruca Salt, she wants Everything Now.