Balboa Peninsula, Pier and Island 1950

Early Balboa Bay Club/Resort

Here are two antique postcards, both with postmarks from 1905. The pier would have been called McFadden Wharf at that time. Back in the day, the railroad ran all the way to the end of the pier where ships would dock and unload their building materials and reload with southern Californian produce.

1905 Newport Beach Pier Newport Pier 1905

Here is another vintage Newport Beach image from my collection. It features what appears to be the American Legion’s boat-car and most likely dates back to the earlier days of the Legion in the mid 30’s to 40’s. I wish I had this vehicle to cruise around in for the 4th of July this weekend. Wonder if this vehicle/boat still exists to this day?

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Balboa Pier

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The week before July 4th…… Here is a vintage postcard of the Balboa Pier lined with American flags, circa 1908…. Interesting that it will be the year 2020 before we see July 4th fall on a Saturday again. Ya its gonna be a good one this year!

Vintage Balboa Pier

Yup, that’s the Wedge over there across the harbor mouth. This early 1920’s photograph was taken from the bluff of Big Corona state beach looking north west. Look closely and you can see beach goers as well as boats entering and exiting the harbor. The photo appears to be taken prior to 1927 when the east jetty was added and the west jetty(pictured) was extended. I bought the photo on eBay.