Stretchy Pants

Posted: 08/15/2012 by goodie in Jack Coleman

By Jack Coleman:

“Stretchy Pants is a 6minute film short that features Alex Gray, Timmy Reyes, & Oscar Moncada. Alex’s main filmer was unable to make it on this trip so his manager Troy Eckert asked me if I could go to document it, I was in. Oscar Moncada and Edwin Morales showed us around and were kinda our Mexican protection blanket and local legends. So Alex, Timmy, Colt n I had a blast on the trip and this is the first installment in a couple webisodes for”

“It was all shot on super8 and synced with sound for some of the duration. There is a mysto right that Timmy Reyes caught at the end of the surf part in Black & White that nobody got but me, I was gonna submit it for Wave of the Summer but it seems to be that Mr. Greg Long might just have that honor on lockdown. The name “Stretchy Pants” has many meanings to Alex so he chose this title because of our mutual love for the movie Nacho Libre.

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