Engaged 2

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Another video of my wedding proposal.

The Griffith House

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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get a tour of the Griffith House in Three Arch Bay. It’s an amazing home with so much movie history. The house was built in the 1920’s by movie director Edward Griffith. Featuring a main home, 2 other guest houses…one that’s an old boat cabin, private beach, lighthouse and custom built in salt water pool. This home is currently for sale and I really hope that someone purchases it with the mind set to keep it how it always has been! It’s  a special and historic property. Just a reminder the whole area is private property…no trespassing.

Griffith 1 Griffith 2 Griffith 3 Griffith 4 Griffith 5 Griffith 6 Griffith 7 Griffith 8 Griffith 9 Griffith 10 Griffith 11 Griffith 12 Griffith 13 Griffith 14

Shell Art

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This is by far my biggest and heaviest piece I have ever made. Pictures really don’t do it justice…..I used many broken shells in the piece and in some areas the resin is about an inch thick. It doesn’t have a home yet so please let me know if you are interested.

shell art

West Newport Apartment Demolition

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Well after many years of ups and downs, the 60,000 square foot apartment complex across the street from HQ is getting torn down and replaced with homes. Not too much information is known about what is being built but when I find out I will provide an update.Complex


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A great video about the qualities of Bakersfield!

I Love You California

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Jack Coleman’s newest surf short, featuring the fun surf of Newport Beach during Mega Swell Hurricane Marrie. The song is the official California State Song.

I Love You, California. from Vissla on Vimeo.

Friendsgiving Photo Booth

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Here is the link to the pictures from the photo booth we had during our Friendsgiving party. Thanks to my brother who set up and ran the booth! The password is Turkey2014   http://photos.friartux.com/Other-16



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Yup that’s right! In front of our whole Friendsgiving party on Wednesday night I asked Annika to marry me. Good thing she said yes! We look forward to the adventure that this next step brings. Check out the video and pictures of the proposal below.

Newport Police Holiday PSA

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Newport Police Department has a funny new PSA to discourage drinking and driving. Ya, it’s no joke, don’t drink and drive.

Thanksgiving 2014

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right around the corner!


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I was on the Central Coast this week for work and stayed overnight at Pismo Beach. Just after sunset, I noticed a guy walking his three leashed goats on the beach.

Denis Rodman

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I was packing up my car for work this morning when I noticed Denis Rodman strolling down Seashore Drive in front of HQ. I say, “Denis, your a Newport Beach Legend” and he just looked at me and smiled!

Yup, that’s the Wedge over there across the harbor mouth. This early 1920’s photograph was taken from the bluff of Big Corona state beach looking north west. Look closely and you can see beach goers as well as boats entering and exiting the harbor. The photo appears to be taken prior to 1927 when the east jetty was added and the west jetty(pictured) was extended. I bought the photo on eBay.

First Flush 2014

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After the heavy rains over the weekend, the Santa Ana River was a flowing out into the Pacific Ocean. Like always, our first heavy rains of the season flush out all our storm drains and river beds of the debris they have collected over the dry months. Trash, plastic, dead animals, and a toxic green sludge lined the shore.

Shell Art

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A small piece with Newport and Laguna Beach Shells. This one is a wedding gift!