Mount Waterman

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Wow.  All I can say after our epic powder day.  If we get fresh snow this weekend I may be back up there on Sunday!

Mt. Waterman Trip

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If  you have never heard of Mt. Waterman, then you are in good company because it is one of Southern California’s least know ski and snow board areas. It sits just an hour’s drive above Los Angele’s and is in fact Southen California’s oldest ski resort. (Wait, don’t call it a resort…there is not much there but powder from the heavens, 3 oldschool wood chairlifts, warming hut and a small ticket booth) This will be my 3rd season up here and I absolutely adore it.  If all works out with the weather this weekend I will be heading up there on Sunday morning. Let me know if you want to check it out.

Checks Mount Waterman’s website

Main lift up the face.

Lots of trees and out of bounds skiing.

Bassett Tandem

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Yup she is all complete and ready for the summer…..

I fully restored this tandem and brought it back to life

To view a complete page on this build visit,

BMX Museum Forum

Bassett Tandem Before Restoration

Bassett Tandem After Restoration

Cake anybody?

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Heading to Three Arch Bay this weekend to celebrate my 29th. Went to Mt High early this morning to shred the gnar.

Let me know if you want to go this weekend.

A dark Three Arch Bay

I asked and mother nature delivered

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Summer was upon us this weekend with temps in the mid 70’s in mid January!!! Saturday everyone was hangin at HQ.

Here are Saturday afternoon contrails.

Big Bear Cabin Trip a Success

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We spent this past weekend enjoying the snow and chilly weather in Big Bear. Everyone is looking forward to our next cabin run in February.

As for these pics, I decided it would be interesting to build snow stacks throughout the front yard. About 10 snow stacks in all.


Ohh summer days……..where have you gone?

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Monster jump

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welcome to the home of goodie

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take a look around… there ain’t much here.