Incredible Stop Motion Animation

Posted: 08/12/2011 by goodie in news

During lunch today I heard of a new short film that is the largest stop motion animation film ever produced. It is a very cool movie and the sand art is just amazing. BTW it was shot fully with a Nokia cell phone. I recommend you watch the making of the movie first and then watch the actual movie. A ton of work went into producing just a few short minutes that the movie consists of.

For your viewing pleasure……the movie…………GULP.


making of the movie Gulp

the actual movie Gulp


Kern Valley

Posted: 08/12/2011 by goodie in Kern River

I spent two days in Bakersfield this week making sales calls. On Wednesday night I drove half way up the Kern Valley and chilled by the river. I can’t wait to return to the area in September for our end of the summer Kern camping trip. (Let me know if you wanna go…..the more people the better)

I also was in downt0wn LA this week where I happened upon a bar that stole my name.

See you this weekend……waves should be good!

Downtown LA.


Transit enjoying the Kern

River has lowered since the last time I was up here


The Big Island of Hawaii

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Last week I was out of town enjoying vacation on the Big Island. We stayed in downtown Kona but pretty much toured around the entire island. We had an incredible time checking out beaches, waterfalls and other highlights of the island. I was lucky enough to snorkel with wild dolphins and Annika and I also got kicked out of the water because of a recent shark sighting. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Mahaiula Bay


Punaluu State Park

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Punaluu Black Sand Beach.....the girls wanna go sun bath like the turtle!


Resting Green Sea Turtle


I was documented in the black sand


Place of Refuge


Hapuna Bay


Hapuna Bay


Trying not to fall in

450 foot Akaka Falls


Friendly Fish


Strange Fish


Annika doing her thing


Sorkeling with wild dolphins....highlight of my trip!


They were frisky


At Kona Brew Company HQ.....Annika and her samplers


Is that a shark in the background???? At Mahaiula Bay

Yup....we went swimming with it

Baby Goat

But I don't wanna leave Kona!

Slater wins US Open

Posted: 08/08/2011 by goodie in HQ

I have been working on HQ all weekend and didn’t get a chance to ride down to the Open but I did watch some of the final day online. I enjoyed seeing Slater pull his airs.

Da Champ

Dramatic Rescue in front of HQ

Posted: 08/04/2011 by goodie in HQ

Sorry, it has been awhile since my last post……I have been on vacation in Kona! (Pics to be posted soon)

I returned to HQ last night and Seashore Dr. was packed full of news trucks.

Turns out, some kid dug a deep tunnel in the sand and it collapsed on him. He was stuck over a half hour and hundreds of people assisted in digging him out.  The kid is alive and well today.

Here is the video


Buried Alive


Flavor Saver

Posted: 07/27/2011 by goodie in HQ

Cafe de la Rivage went great last night and I have to thank the wonderful staff that helped put it all together. Gracias! Here are a few pics of the action. The night ended with a very cool fire dance show!

Happy Hour Captured on the GoodieGoodieGoodie Live Cam






FireDance   <————click here to see the fire dance video


Posted: 07/26/2011 by goodie in HQ

There has been a lot of kayaking going on around HQ. A group of 4 went out last night to enjoy the sunset on the water.

yea....I off road the patio

Reverse Sunset

Posted: 07/25/2011 by goodie in HQ

The sunset cast a pink hue across the eastern sky last night…..awesome!

IT department whipped this up a few years ago


search engine optimization

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we here at goodiegoodiegoodie have been working diligently to get more people to see the goodness that is goodiegoodiegoodie. in doing so we have added a streaming beachcam, a live surf report and even an auto-updating facebook page for all you fb addicts. the last piece of the puzzle is getting goodiegoodiegoodie to the top of the search stats so that everyone around the world can hear about the things that go on in goodie’s head. while working on this challenging project the IT department came across some interesting things, but this is the hands down favorite.

what’s goodie?

All day

Posted: 07/23/2011 by goodie in HQ

I have been going strong all day……..gonna be a repeat tomorrow……..Sunday Funday…..

7am, geocaching above Newport.....what the Goodyear Blimp........(will post Goodie Year Blimp Pic on Monday)

Facemash book space… post

Posted: 07/22/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

No, I personally didn’t give in on obtaining a Facebook Page but my website did! The GoodieGoodieGoodie IT department has made it that much easier for you to follow my webpage. Thanks to the IT department for making this happen. Anything I post on my webpage should get automatically posted on the  GoodieGoodieGoodie Facebook page.

Most of the nation is in a heat wave and I'm thinking of a snow day. (Mount Waterman 2011 season)


Couple Things

Posted: 07/22/2011 by goodie in HQ

Sunday Funday this weekend.

Cafe de la Rivage on Tuesday night. (if you want in, you need to tell me asap)

Going away gathering for Dark Mark. (July 30th, I will be out of town and missing this) 🙁

Good by friend, come back to Cali soon.

Sunset over Newport Bay, Bay Island Bridge

Great Pic

Posted: 07/19/2011 by goodie in HQ

This pic was taken with my film camera a few weeks ago…..great group of peeps!

Some of the gang

Ever heard of Agunaga Ca?

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Went to Agunaga today with the chick. Agunaga is between Temecula and Palm Springs, in the mountains.

Saw her horse and had a ton of fun!


Transit on an adventure

If only you could see the rest of this property...........

Carmageddon and the OC Fair

Posted: 07/14/2011 by goodie in OC Fair

On the eve of Carmageddon and the opening day of the Orange County Fair, I have to ask myself what I’m gonna do? The fair may be in my future but no way am I going anywhere near that 405.

Is this a sign? A dark cloud and full moon over Newport........tonight 7/14

OC Fair 2010