Cool Growler video

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Fresh off the plane from the Rock in Rio concert the Growlers are making leaps and bounds as the gain popularity.  They have several YouTube videos that are at or about to reach 100,000 views.  I found this video on Youtube which is a mesh up of old Disney footage and the Growlers song Empty bones. Good song for Halloween time.

Ferrari’s first ever 4 wheel drive vehicle

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Yesterday the holiday catalog for Neiman Marcus was published. Within the first 50 minutes of it publishing they sold all ten custom Neiman Marcus 4 wheel drive Ferrari’s for 250K each! This car is for those who want to take moderate offroad terrain at over 100mph! Crazy

Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Tuesday 10/25 pumpkin carving contest at HQ. Bring your own pumpkin and drinks. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes. see you soon

pic from Teka Cat's facebook and no, I do not run her page!

This past Sunday I went on an off roading excursion thru Silverado Canyon, up to Santiago Peak (Saddle Back Mountain) and down Indian Truck Trail ending up on the 15 freeway.  It was my first time to the highest point in Orange County and it was an incredible thrill. I would love to go to the other peaks in the mountain range as well as get over to Beek’s Place.

View from the top looking towards Palm Springs

Towers at the top have warning signs saying caution strong radio strengths

Almost to the top, looking across the saddle

Our transportation, Mount Baldy in the background

Thanks to NewportSurfShots for making me aware of this. A  local  inventor has come up with something amazing. Imagine in a few years when these flying machines are hovering over your local break filming your every wave.  Future surf movies could be nuts! Check the you-tube video

watch the you-tube video to see what it does

Coleman’s new project…..happy beach

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Posted: 10/18/2011 by goodie in HQ

here ya go…check

fellow mutant’s webpage…same cam (we are looking into improving the angle and view)

screen capture from the goodiegoodiegoodie web cam

Crazy Cat

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Teka cat went a little crazy over an empty Coors box.

Movie Nite

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See everyone tonight for a bonfire and movie on the beach.

Friday morning bomber

Nice and clean


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Good song…creepy music video.

See you Friday for movie night.

A gaggle

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Bunch of girls on the beach….they lined up at the tower……Jed blew the air horn from the house…..they all laughed

Movin sand….again

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The city just can’t get enough of paying someone to push sand around on the beach…….


more of the same

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Lots of lounging around this weekend. Weather is warm and clear with waves in the water.

Forecast calls for warm Santa Ana’s all week! (possible movie night Friday)

Poo Water

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The river is flowin from the first rain of the season. Water is dirty and cold but the surf is on its way.

10/5 @ 5:15 pm.....rainbow over HQ

Snail’s Pace

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Newport beach maintenance moved sand around this week. I took advantage of the smooth sand to do some art.

City of NPB pushing sand around at a snails pace.

slow moving

green flash