Newport Beach City Hall Bunny Circle

Posted: 07/10/2013 by goodie in news
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The new Newport Beach City Hall has a few features of art and architecture that are worth noting. Most importantly the “Bunny Circle”. For whatever reason, officials decided to install a circle of sitting bunnies that kinda resembles Stone Henge. I’m not sure if the bunnies were a private donation or if the city paid for the odd art installation. Also, fun to note, I have never seen a  real white rabbit in Newport Beach. For optimal viewing of the bunny circle, head to the glass infinity viewing deck above.

  1. ap says:

    How weird is it? And I found it even more odd that they decimated the land that a ton of bunnies lived on at the new city hall site and then built an odd art installation with these weird white bunnies, which don’t exist in Newport Beach “nature.” Cultish.

  2. Hispannika says:

    The Illuminati of Newport Beach.

  3. Deb says:


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