Kern River Trip

Posted: 05/27/2011 by goodie in Kern River

A few weeks ago, about 15 of us from Newport went to the Kern river for a camping trip. We had a great time even though the weather was somewhat jacked up. The river was extremely high and flowin fast so we did not float down river as usual….just tied to a tree and stayed close to shore. We explored the area, drank beer and had a blast. We are so relived to have Georgia back (Eli’s dog, brown boxer) after she went missing from our camp. She showed up 5 days later and 15 miles away from where we were at. We all look forward to returning to Kern in the late summer.

tied off to the tree

lots of beer = lots of hands

Where is the Chuggler?

Steve always finds the local Kern animals

He went there by himself and stayed for almost an hour

Where is the Geocache Eli....

Our awesome camp site

Lake Isabella

River was movin quick

dry brush and blue skys

There she is

My shower

Give me the gold

  1. Hispannika says:

    May Gusta!

  2. chelseam0rgan says:

    hey, great pics! looks like you guys had a blast. the 6th picture down is right around where it is. the river was soooo high in that pic that you would have had to go under to get it. guess that just means you’ll have to go back and try again 🙂

  3. ap says:


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