Central Coast Trip

Posted: 10/30/2012 by goodie in travel

Over 10 days since my last post, I apologize. I have been van camping up the Central Coast and we had an amazing time. We kicked it off with a night at Refugio State Beach where we kayaked and enjoyed the sunset. The next day we pulled into Jalama Beach and scored a beach front spot. Next, a night in Avalia/Port San Luis where we kayaked to the light house point and saw an otter. He then headed to San Simeon State Campground and visited the Hearst Castle. Morro Bay Campsite was our last night of van camping and there we meet up with friends from HQ. After that, we checked into the Back Bay Inn in Los Osos. We enjoyed a three day celebration for Jason and Aislinns wedding. Our last day was capped off with an OctoberFest/Car show. All in all we scored great weather and enjoyed some time away from reality.

Refugio State Beach

Jalama Beach camping spot 58

Overfull camping spot at Port San Luis…..ask me how we ended up here

I found a message in a bottle while camping at San Simeon State Beach

Annika at her castle

Morro Bay Campsite…..Jed and KT

The wedding at The Back Bay Inn

OctoberFest/Car Show in Los Osos

Yes, it is on 3 wheels at about 8 feet in the air

  1. Hispannika says:

    MY castle.

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