The Growlers

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Here is an image my sister took of Scott Montoya, the drummer from the Growlers. Scott was surfing in front of HQ this weekend and it reminded me of the day Aimee took these… I had to put it up.

Scott Montoya

In Between

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The Growlers “In Between” official video.

Quote, “We don’t want to live like kooks, just want to live in between, not square, not hippy and not like you, good American kids with dreams!”

Growlers played a few new songs and some classic favorites. All in all a great show.

The Growlers @ OC Fair

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The OC Fair begins this Friday the 12th with the theme of “Come and Get It”. The Growlers play with the Flaming Lips on July 31st….check it out!

The Growlers

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I went to the Friday night Growler show in Long Beach. The placed was packed and very rowdy but I still enjoyed the show. Highlights were some of their new songs such as One Million Lovers and Beach Rats. They also played some of their classics as well as some rare tunes. If you missed last weekend you have a chance to see them this coming weekend in LA, Frisco or Santa Barbara.

The Growlers @ Alex Bar in Long Beach

The Growlers

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The Growlers have some local shows coming up.  December 21st, 22nd at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach and the 28th at The Fonda. Promoting the new album, which will be out soonish.

The Growlers Beach Goth Party

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A two night affair, Oct 19th and 20th at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana. This is also the Growlers album release party for their new work called Hung at Heart. There will be a ton of other bands playing and costumes are encourage and rewarded! In true Growler fashion, the band made a trailer for the show.


The Growlers

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The Growlers are set to play the Hootenanny this Saturday July 7th. Last week they shot a short video out on the beach. Watch the video below and look for Seaweed Monster Jack.

Growlers, stay off the bricks

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No, not their new album title…..just a little chalk art. I came home from work and found this. I don’t know who did it but I can picture Jack yelling at Brooks to ” Stay Off The Bricks.” 

The Growlers on Good Day LA

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The Growlers will be on Good Day LA this morning….check it out. I was up at their studio last night and heard a few songs they plan on playing at Coachella.

This is on the bathroom wall at the Growler studio

Jonesy Gets Shacked

Posted: 03/30/2012 by goodie in The Growlers

This is just another day in the life of Jonesy, the Growlers dog. She told me a secret the other night but I can’t share it with you. Sorry

Jonesy from the Growlers


The Growlers at the Galaxy

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The weekend was busy for me but a highlight was the Growler concert at the Galaxy on Friday night. Hipsters were out in full force and the show was great. They played some old and new songs and everyone was entertained!

Mais Tarde

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A song in Portuguese by Marcelo Camelo, movie by Jack Coleman.


Growlers Photo Shoot

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The Growlers and a few of their closest friends took to the 56st Jetty tonight for a photo shoot. The photo will possibly appear on the cover of their new album. In true Growler fashion it was crazy but all in good fun. Coleman took the pictures but the ones below are from my IPhone.

Buy the new Growler album…..out soon!

Los Growlers

Lizzy enjoyin the view