Vintage Mount Waterman

Posted: 09/05/2017 by goodie in Mt. Waterman
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With the Labor Day holiday in our rear view mirror we now start looking forward to the fall and winter seasons. I heard someone ask for colder weather this weekend…including snowflakes and Hot Toddys. Check out this picture I acquired of Mount Waterman from the early 1950’s. Lots of snow this season….hopefully we see the same this upcoming season. Fingers crossed.

Mount Waterman Season Opener?

Posted: 03/19/2012 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

Today is the last day of winter and I’m sad to say that Mt. Waterman has yet to have it’s season opener. The storm this weekend dropped almost 2 feet but with no base prior to the storm, the amount was not sufficient for opening. The Waterman community is praying for snow in the next few days/week in order for them to open. Management says if they can open they will…even if it is mid-week. The pic below is from last year taken in February 2011.

"The Face" at Mount Waterman 2011

A little hiking, a few geocaches, food, beer, motorcycles and gold panning…..a well rounded day spent in the Angeles Forrest.

80 miles to the beach wih Saddle Back behind me


Newcombs Ranch (the only establishment around for 30 miles)

Snow From Heaven, Not From The Hoses

Posted: 12/12/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

The Face is the Place…..bring on the powder….. Mount Waterman season opener this weekend??????

The Face at Mount Waterman

Facemash book space… post

Posted: 07/22/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

No, I personally didn’t give in on obtaining a Facebook Page but my website did! The GoodieGoodieGoodie IT department has made it that much easier for you to follow my webpage. Thanks to the IT department for making this happen. Anything I post on my webpage should get automatically posted on the  GoodieGoodieGoodie Facebook page.

Most of the nation is in a heat wave and I'm thinking of a snow day. (Mount Waterman 2011 season)


Station Fire Burn Area Re-Opens

Posted: 05/17/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

The Station Fire ripped through the Los Angeles National Forest over two years ago. The fire took homes, lives and lots of dry brush/trees through the forest. Yesterday, almost all the forest closures were reopened to public use. That means I can again legally hike in the area. (even though I went on several hikes in the closed areas since the fire) I am happy that the forest is once again open and I am crossing my fingers that they will reopen Highway 2 soon. Highway 2 still remains closed due to damage from the Station Fire.

Here is a map of the reopened areas.

Here is a picture from when the fire was raging above LA.

Station Fire over LA

Snow Capped

Posted: 03/23/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

I rode my bike up and down the board walk to check out the destruction caused by the blowing sand. In some spots on the board walk and adjacent streets there were 3 foot tall sand drifts and “school yards” had over a foot of sand spread across the grass and asphalt.

Anyhow…..on the drive to work this morning I saw the snow capped mountains calling my name. Here is a shot from this morning atop Mt. Wilson.

Winter Wonderland @ Mount Waterman

Posted: 03/02/2011 by goodie in Mt. Waterman

I went up to Mt. Waterman for the second Sunday in a row. We were blessed with super powder that fell down to the 1000 foot level. Snow lined the 210 freeway in the Sunland, the roads up the mountain were super hazardous and some of the gates were locked. Turns out Mt. Waterman die hards handled the gate situations for everyone and a long caravan of cars proceeded to the parking lot.  The crowds were huge and I waited a half hour to get a ticket and I was at the front of the line. It was all worth it as I enjoyed the fresh fresh powder. Thanks to cousin Brian and his girl for coming with me up the mountain.