Goodie thru 8×10

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Jack brought out the 8×10 old school film camera a few weeks ago. He took this shot of me with his digital camera thru the lens of the 8×10.


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Moonrockers Chasing Rainbows, premiers tomorrow night 9/19 at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Another “blow your mind”  true film flick from Mr. Jack Coleman Pluto.

Moonrockers Trailer from R A E N on Vimeo.

Soft Top Revolution

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Over the last few years, soft top surf boards have exploded onto the SoCal surf scene. In my mind, the deity behind this movement is Jack Coleman…although he may tell you otherwise. Jack has basically given up on any of his hard board surfing as he looks for a new feeling, a different glide and a way to say F off to mainstream surf culture. Check Jack out in his new web series Soft Top Revolution.

SOFT TOP REVOLUTION from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Transworld Surf

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Jack has a little write up in the June issue of Transworld Surf. Check it out!


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yup got those!



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Secret Sound Under Ground was released to the masses last night in Encinitas, Ca. The night was a great experience!

Jack Coleman and Rob Machado checking out Jack’s SSUG art installation.

Knost and Jack

Secret Sound Underground

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This is the full trailer for Jack Coleman’s new flick “Secret Sound Underground.” I think this is the best trailer Jack has ever made! Including footage from Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and California. Filmed entirely with Super 8 and 16 millimeter old stock film. The movie itself includes hidden messages and a unique section featuring Rob Machado as Mob Rachado. The world premier is next week, February 28th @ La Paloma Theater in Encinitas.

SECRET SOUND UNDERGROUND – (Director’s cut TRAILER) from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Secret Sound Underground

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Secret Sound Underground is Jack Coleman’s third feature surf film. Below is the trailer of the trailer. The full trailer will be released soon! I will have more info on Jack’s project in about a week! BTW the flick is sick!!!

SECRET SOUND UNDERGROUND from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.


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The surf film Temple by Jack Coleman…..brought to you by Deus Ex Machina. I watched it this weekend and was impressed. The motorcycle/surf film features current life and style in Bali.

TEMPLE Trailer from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

cool dvd packaging……creepy Coleman

Imaginary Carpet Market

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Featuring the surfing antics of Al Knost in Bali. Shot in true film by Jack Coleman. World premier this Friday in Encinitas.

“Imaginary Carpet Market” – (Official Surf Film Trailer) from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Imaginary Carpet Market

Stretchy Pants

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By Jack Coleman:

“Stretchy Pants is a 6minute film short that features Alex Gray, Timmy Reyes, & Oscar Moncada. Alex’s main filmer was unable to make it on this trip so his manager Troy Eckert asked me if I could go to document it, I was in. Oscar Moncada and Edwin Morales showed us around and were kinda our Mexican protection blanket and local legends. So Alex, Timmy, Colt n I had a blast on the trip and this is the first installment in a couple webisodes for”

“It was all shot on super8 and synced with sound for some of the duration. There is a mysto right that Timmy Reyes caught at the end of the surf part in Black & White that nobody got but me, I was gonna submit it for Wave of the Summer but it seems to be that Mr. Greg Long might just have that honor on lockdown. The name “Stretchy Pants” has many meanings to Alex so he chose this title because of our mutual love for the movie Nacho Libre.

La Goon on What

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Check out this new flick. I helped out on a few things on this one….enjoy Chippa Wilson teaching a lesson on surfing persistence. The video is exclusive to so watch it there.

Jack’s Model Pic

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I snapped this pic of Jack on the 3rd of July after he raided Annika’s closet looking for a July 4th outfit. We are all glad he didn’t choose this one!

A few 4th of July pictures will  be posted here soon!

!Your Gross!

International Surfing Day

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….and the official FIRST day of Summer, June 20 2012!

BTW, anyone heard from Jack Coleman in awhile……probably not. He has been filming in Bali for the last few weeks and promoting his new film Happy Beach. I asked him to email me a picture and he emailed me back saying…..”Sorry man….didn’t bring any digital equipment.”

Typical Jack, see you soon buddy!

Jack Coleman and his old camera

Happy Beach Digital Download

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Boys and Girls…..Happy Beach, Jack Coleman’s second official surf flick is available for digital download here.The following film description is courtesy of Mollusk Surf Shop and the trailer is below. So far no official premier for this film, but that may change.

HAPPY BEACH is a surf film captured all ‘in camera’ with no digital imagery or after effects. Filmmaker JACK COLEMAN used a variety of unusual and forgotten film stocks in the making of the film with experimental processing techniques that will bring film Geeks total happiness. HAPPY BEACH is an all shortboard film too, so it’ll give you a good amp to go surf. Shot in California and Mexico, it took 2 years to complete.

In Happy Beach Andrew Doheny surfs his way through life at home in California and explores the friendly streets & waves of Mexico.  Ford Archbold transcends his larger than life character both in and out of the water. Josh Hoyer plays himself in possibly the darkest, most suspenseful conceptual surf section ever. Ozzie Wright gets loose in New York on a borrowed board & surfs himself into corners in Newport Beach. Chippa Wilson visits Southern California and rides unwanted waves all to himself. Dane Reynolds gets car jacked, and recovers nicely from injury with huge hacks often resulting in his famous cannonball exit. Alex Knost, Albee Layer, Spencer Pirdy, Jesse Steelman, Bobby Okvist, The Wedge, & Jesus as himself all make small cameos.

HAPPY BEACH is independent filmmaker JACK COLEMAN’s second feature length surf film, running time is 30 minutes. The film is a completely independent production, with no branding. Shot, edited, and produced entirely by Jack Coleman. 

Starring: Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, Josh Hoyer, Dane Reynolds, Ozzie Wright, Chippa Wilson, Albee Layer, Jesse Steelman, Spencer Pirdy, Bobby Okvist, & Alex Knost.

Directed by Jack Coleman, 2012
30 minutes