54st Bodysurfing

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Thanks Jack for putting together these clips of me having fun in the recent large waves.

Catalina Channel Swim

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This is just amazing!!! One of our friends, Hana Gosney, is attempting to swim from Catalina Island to Rancho Palos Verdes this Sunday September 4th, 2016. Hana is making the swim to raise money and awareness for the fight against internal melanoma cancer. The swim is over 20 miles (part at night) and she is doing it without a wet suit or swim fins but with a support boat and team. She is scheduled to swim up at Pelican Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes sometime Sunday afternoon. I’m hoping to be there when she completes her swim challenge. Best of luck Hana….all of us that gather here at HQ are behind you 100%

If you want to donate to her swim, check this link out please https://www.gofundme.com/t6wfus

More info on Catalina Channel Swimming Federation click here http://swimcatalina.com/

Catalina to Rancho Palos Verdes

Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

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The 2016 Oakley sponsored event is taking place starting today at 56st. Also, this Saturday at the Balboa Yacht Club is the annual Wooden Boat Show.


Sand Marble Race

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This is entertaining, simple and fun!


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Yurting at Lake Cachuma! We spent Valentines weekend exploring.


Blue Jay Hand

This Blue Jay flew into our Yurt several times with no fear. It landed on the bunk bed and did a fighter pilot dive bomb into Costa’s dog food. As we were packing up the bird knew and came back to say good bye.

The Summer Days of February

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The heat wave this February has provided us with beach days, amazing sunsets and stunning sunrises. The image below is today’s sunrise over Newport Beach with just a hint of off-shore winds.

Newport Beach Sunrise

Shell Art

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All shells are from South Africa.

S. Africa

Married the Movie

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Our marriage day movie. Shot and produced by Mr. Jack Coleman, all on Super 8 film. I’m so fortunate that he was able to capture this day and make such a great film.


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I got married to my beautiful bride Annika back on August 29th in the city of Cayucos. It was an amazing day spent with many friends and family.


Sand Castle

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Dog days of summer equal beach time fun and sand castle making. Of course I took it one step further and made a custom 30 gallon trash can mold to begin my sand castle. After one day the wind got to it and turned it into mother natures masterpiece.

castle 1 castle 2

Here is another vintage Newport Beach image from my collection. It features what appears to be the American Legion’s boat-car and most likely dates back to the earlier days of the Legion in the mid 30’s to 40’s. I wish I had this vehicle to cruise around in for the 4th of July this weekend. Wonder if this vehicle/boat still exists to this day?

Play Port of the Pacific

Three Rivers

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I worked up in the Central Valley this week and stayed in the small town of Three Rivers near Sequoia. Amazing little spot!

Three Rivers


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Some insane flying here.

The Museum

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My sister took this picture of me in my museum/office. Ya…I still see some wall space for more stuff!


Sea Glass Art

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My second sea glass art piece made from glass collected in Newport Beach. A wedding present for Monique and Ryan.

Sea Glass Art Sea Glass Art 3