Brown’s Park in Laguna Beach

Posted: 01/24/2012 by goodie in hikes, travel

Brown’s Park in downtown Laguna is a hidden gem missed by many. Sculpture, poetry, stained glass and an incredible view make this a good spot to gain some inspiration. A home used to stand here but was donated to the city by the family after the home was destroyed in a winter storm swell.

The poem reads:In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite, as booming surf speaks its, mystical passage across, the undreamed depths.

Let me live in a house by the side of the sea,Where men and women wander byWhere there is beauty and grace and excitement that's freeOn the beach, in the sun let me lieLet me listen to ocean's melodious roarAnd its rhythm, so soothing to hearAs the foam-covered waves seem to reach for the shoreUnder skies that are sunny and clear.-Joseph E. Brown

  1. Hispannika says:

    Me gusta.

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