Black Star Canyon Water Fall

Posted: 01/02/2013 by goodie in hikes

Over the New Year break, I took up the challenge of hiking to the Black Star Canyon Water Fall. This hike is a tuffy but worth it if the falls are flowing. Unfortunately for us, the falls were dry, even after recent rain. The hike begins with a 3 mile hike up a fire road and from there you drop down into the river bed itself. The boulders are huge and tough to climb….I can only imagine how slippery they would be if they were wet. Proceed about a mile up the river bed and the canyon walls slowly become steeper and more ominous, while the bouldering becomes more difficult and strenuous. The 90 foot falls itself are unique because there is a mine shaft that sits about 15 feet off the ground next to the falls. Strange indeed… the Black Star area in general. (Warning: don’t venture here at night or solo)

Black Star Canyon Water Fall….dry


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