Adios Trees

Posted: 04/07/2016 by goodie in news

The trees that surround the paid parking lot at 56st and Seashore Dr. are set to be cut down in the near future. The new development of 25 homes called Echo 56 is to blame. Somehow, they are only planning a few guest parking spots actually on the property of Echo 56 (I think less than 10). Once these are filled, all others will be forced to park on the streets surrounding the new homes. This includes the paid parking lot that many of these new homes tower over. So, the city is allowing the Echo 56 project to redevelop the paid parking lot which includes cutting down the surrounding trees. One thing to keep in mind, the old apartment building that once sat on this site had probably 100+ private parking spots…..We are in for a parking mess this summer!


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